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          咨詢電話:024- 23904226 024-23901378




          2020/04/21 09:51



          聲級計校準證書沒有用,只有出具檢定證書,得出合格結論及準確度等級的,才能正常使用。聲級計日常檢定需要的設備很多,需要校準器、標準電容傳聲器、 信號發生器、測量放大器、猝發音信號發生器、精密衰減器、電壓表、聲源、消聲箱(自由場)等,全部配備齊全至少需要30W以上,且占用場地大,有一定的技 術要求;同時,聲級計檢定的儀器并不多,標準裝置還要每年送檢,所以建立整套聲學檢定裝置性價比不高,導致很多省級計量院都沒有建立聲級計檢定裝置,無法 出具聲級計檢定證書。


          In the process of using the sound level meter, the sound level meter shall be sent to the metrological institute for verification every year.


          The calibration certificate of sound level meter is useless. Only when a verification certificate is issued and a qualified conclusion and accuracy level are reached can it be used normally. Sound level meter daily check need a lot of equipment, calibrator, standard capacitor microphone, signal generator, measuring amplifier and tone burst signal generator, precision attenuator, voltmeter, sound source, silencing box (free), etc., all equipped with complete at least need more than 30 w, and take up space is big, there are certain technical requirements; At the same time, there are not many instruments for sound level meter verification, and standard devices have to be submitted for inspection every year. Therefore, the cost performance of the whole set of acoustic verification devices is not high. As a result, many provincial metrological institutes have not established sound level meter verification devices and cannot issue sound level meter verification certificates.

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